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FASHIONSPOT is the first Greek site dedicated to fashion. It was created by three young women in order to offer fast and quick buying opportunities using the internet. In you can find clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children as well as designer items in great prices. Why did we come up with the idea to create such a site? For ages we have been buying our wardrobe items from the internet since we did not have enough time, money and choices! We noticed that there is no Greek site to offer the great choices offered by sites abroad. This is why we decided to create FASHIONSPOT, so that today’s women can buy gorgeous items very quickly, from the comfort of their home, in a fraction of the price they would have to pay in a shop. We stay on top of fashion, consult with our stylists, and find out who the new hottest designers are. We import designer clothes and accessories from all over the world but we also offer our own collection.


Fashion Spot
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