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O&B Athens is a cosy Boutique Hotel, downtown Athens, next to the main sights of the city and just 2 minutes walking from Thisio Metro Station. With its new Acropolis Suites with view of the Parthenon, its elegant rooms and its new O&B All Day BaRestaurant, O&B Athens Boutique Hotel provokes you to experience the new meaning of hospitality and care, giving a new flavor and meaning to the urban lifestyle of Athens. With 17 refined rooms and 5 Acropolis View Suites accompanied by the romantic ambience of its new vibrant O&B Athens All Day Bar Restaurant, O&B Athens Boutique Hotel offers a place for romance and relaxation, on a continuous roll of reinventing the level of urban hospitality with evolving surroundings of design and savoir vivre. O&B Athens Boutique Hotel puts hospitality to a new level where guests come to the limelight and are the ones who redefine unremittingly the hotel's service.


O&B Athens Boutique Hotel
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